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Wart Removal Treatment 10 spots (Face/Neck)
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Managed by a doctor, the treatment is safe and reliable. It uses carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the skin tissue, directly and accurately burns the entire wart to the root, reducing the chance of scarring, painless wart removal, and preventing recurrence! Painless, no bleeding, immediate results. Since warts are fast-spreading and highly contagious viruses, wart removal is a medical item that can be covered by medical insurance.
Original Price HK$ 3,000.00
Special Price HK$ 198.00
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Semi Permanent Eyebrow Treatment
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Semi Permanent eyebrow treatment is designed to restore, repair and enhance, giving the illusion of full, perfectly shaped, symmetrical brows - a long-lasting look that’s incredibly natural.
Original Price HK$ 3,980.00
Special Price HK$ 980.00
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French Anti-Wrinkle Anti-aging Course + Free Swiss Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
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35 years of professionalism, Joy Beauty School Hong Kong has cultivated talents to become a leader in the beauty industry. We also have a BC accredited school institution in Vancouver. Students are spread all over the world. Taught by experienced beauticians from Swiss O Beauty Expert. Joy Beauty School enables you to gain professional beauty knowledge. We rooted in Hong Kong for 35 years, time has proved we are trustworthy.
Course includes
  1. Exclusive eye anti-aging anti-wrinkle eye massage
  2. Teach basic French facial massage
  3. Deep Cleansing Tips
  4. Acupuncture to clear blackheads
  5. Use of different masks
Original Price HK$ 4,250.00
Special Price HK$ 1,580.00
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